Sara (tipsyhippo) wrote,

2/13 Again

So anyway, cheese aside.

I ran 10 miles in the last two days. I'm planning on getting to 17 by the end of the week. And then 18 next week, then 20 the week after. And the weekly totals are between 4 days of running. With Fabulous' schedule changes, I may be able to fit in a fifth run this week, in which case I suppose I'll aim for 20 this week, but, we will see.

Point is, I'm doing rather well at this whole running business. My diet, however, needs some serious work. At this point I think I might just go the standard, eat what I want thats good for me, kind of route. Especially since I'm letting everything take a backseat to running, I in no way feel like managing macros, and eating generally good-for-you food is probably a nice middle ground.

I love my dog. Happy Valentine's Day to him and I. I got him a few adorably pink and red dog toys. He loves them, and I love him. My heart is full this year on Valentine's Day. It's full of love, and happiness, and freedom, and it's just so fucking wonderful. After 9 Valentine's Days with a man who refused to celebrate me as much as I would celebrate him, to just not have to dwell on that is such a magical feeling.

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